The Legend of Quassilla


The Legend of Quassilla: a Dinosaur’s Journey Home is a read-aloud picture book written in rhyming couplets. The tale brings the nation’s history of Trolley Amusement Parks together with a creature from the Mesozoic era. Told in first person by a young boy named Nicky, the journey begins with a group of various species of dinosaurs working together to transport their offspring to safety during the dawn of the Ice Age and ends with a child’s promise to protect Quassilla’s habitat in perpetuity.


A plesiosaurus frozen as an egg during the ice age is rescued by the Knights of Quassmorrah millions of years later. Follow her across seas and rivers, then into a spring-fed lake in the middle of Connecticut with her rescuer Middle McFee.

Inspired by a true story about Lake Quassy Amusement Park in Middlebury, CT, Quassilla’s Journey Home highlights the importance of harmonious coexistence in all forms of life, and how caring and collaboration can not only solve a problem, but can also result in creative solutions that everyone can enjoy and support.

Quassilla’s story will inspire children and families to explore real scientific and humanity issues such as global warming, water purity, food supply, prejudice, immigration, friendship, collaboration and acceptance. All of the animal species illustrated in this book will ultimately have their own survival story to tell.

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